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En Data Fauna 158 Sumatran Rhinoceros

Dangerous for disappearing soon  – Countries from Africa to Australia, Asia and Central America to the Middle East, Hawaii and Europe; from North America to South America, Oceania and anywhere in and besides between – is growing. This does not just consist of cute endangered animals, such as beautiful birds or cuddly mammals, but each sort of animal, including amphibians, arachnids, and birds; clams, corals, and crustaceans; fishes, insects, and jellyfish; mammals, marsupials, and reptiles; sea anemones, snails, and worms. Many plant species are in danger of disappearing.

Species already lost to Mankind: Bird SpeciesMany species, like Haast’s Eagle, Steller’s Sea Cow, the Moa, the Dodo, the Passenger Pigeon, the Golden Toad, the Caribbean Monk Seal and the Javan Tiger, have been lost. Other species, like the Hawaiian Crow, the Catarina Pupfish, the Barbary Lion, the Scimitar Oryx, the Socorro Dove and the Wyoming Toad – to name but a few among many – are extinct in the wild, with a couple of minor people or isolated individuals residing in captivity.

Some Species at Risk of Extinction like the Ethiopian Wolf, the Bactrian Camel, the Arakan Forest Turtle and the Mountain Gorilla; the Sumatran Rhinoceros, the Iberian Lynx, the California Condor and the Philippine Eagle; the Chinese Alligator, the Brown Spider Monkey,the Red Wolf, the African Wild Ass, the Siamese Crocodile and Spix’s Macaw. Asian Elephants, Wild Dogs, Blue Whales, Giant Otters, Giant Pandas and Goliath Frogs, Green Sea Turtles, and much more are endangerment, from extinct.

Natural Treatments For Pest Control Every living organism, every plant creates part of a food chain that is larger. Another species up within the food chain that is corresponding becomes endangered as one species is lost. With each plant or animal humanity not only loses the pleasure resources that are vital. Both plants and animals are being demonstrated to supply the key to cures for many of the ailments of man. Many provide resources for pest management and weed and a deeper comprehension of. Tapping into these resources, the demand for harm to the environment and chemicals diminished.

One of the key reasons for endangerment for many species is the destruction of habitat from the growth of human population, agriculture, and business. Over-hunting and fishing often fuelled more by a desire for decorations or gain than by the demand for food, and indiscriminate slaughter of entire species since man regards them as ‘undesirable’ also cause many species to become extinct or endangered.

The understanding of priorities has been dropped so badly, humanity isn’t even able to take care of its own kind, a sad fact millions of hungry children around the world bear witness to. If humankind is to survive in the long term, this attitude has got to change. The nice balance of life on Earth has to be restored, and life of all kinds, large and small, cute and ugly, must once more become valuable to man and get the essential protection to preserve it.

The fine balance necessary to support life on this planet has, sadly, been tipped in favour of humankind. The ever-growing greed for gain has caused mankind to lose sight of what really is important. Man no longer sees himself as a part of nature but as a self-appointed grasp of all. Rather than working with this place – and the intellect that has got there to preserve life, man uses it to rape the planet, irrespective of the consequences.
The Need to alter Attitudes