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En Data Funa 159 Sumatran Tiger

Palm Oil industry the negative effect – Palm oil produces biofuel bad a thing that is fantastic can be? Palm oil provides a valuable source of beta-carotene and tocopherols and tocotrienols from vitamin E both are antioxidants. This oil was used to make goods and margarine and biofuel common used today.

Due to its strong demand palm oil trade boomed up by indifferent companies and the government, the animals habitats like the Sumatran tigers, much more are being destroyed. The destruction of the plants and animals which are dependent on its decline and rain forest is causing the passing the animals. Most creatures and it are traded murdered and Their houses destroyed to make candies, margarine, etc. Now can you tell the dark side of the palm oil market?

Some Companies and other businesses both and around the world use palm oil to their food products. So this industry kills when this unhealthy oil is used for baking it promotes heart disease in individuals and the surroundings. Is that a fair trade off?

Protect the environment and yourself

The killing formula: For each 2.5 billion Pounds of palm oil used, 1,240 square miles of oil palm plantations will be needed This area represents habitat for 2,500 orangutans, 65 tigers, 54 elephant families, and as many as 65 rhinos.

Ask yourself how can you stop this unfair treatment with these animals? well, simply stop buying products which have ingredients from animals. It’s up to the society or us, sooner or later these animals can be found in the books only.