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En Leuser Biodiversity

Plastic Bottles Through the years we’ve seen when land-fill was hard to find drafts of waste dumped off-shore. They are used for everything to packaging for fresh foods, frozen foods, sauces, and clothes, to name only a few of their applications. Other creatures, birds, and fish are swallowing it while animals die deaths and get entangled in it. Mothering creatures feed their young from the belief its food. Particles of it sink into the sea bottom here it’s currently causing havoc.

The solution lies in two directions. The first is money and the priority of man is about profit. The next is that the snare set by the Spirit of the Universe, the God, who laid its strategy down to deliver the entire world, as it is known by us, to a conclusion.

Coupled with nations’ instability and the threat of war terrorism is another weapon in the rush towards its own destruction. Nobody will escape goal and God’s wrath. Money, the gods, and things promoted significant are devastating to the odds of survival.

Nothing now can be done to undo the damage. Man doesn’t have an inclination or the power to do anything. Why has it occurred so we might ask?

As an international issue from the time glass bottles has been replaced more or 50 years ago, the problem was emerging. In my youth, glass bottles collected and returned them to collect pennies for them. The plastic ones are likely to end up in the oceans nowadays. Like chemical weapons which kill plastic must be the destroyer of life. It kills more than we understood and is responsible for the increase in diseases. Produced from oil, a health hazard, the state is changed by the process.

Link and my reincarnation to the Spirit offer an insight. There’s absolutely not any way that anything could be undone as the snare was set by all – that of the Great Creator and Destroyer’s intelligence. All authorities are the establishment and part of the World Order.

The reason for it’s set out and his work and heritage is an eye opener and contained in God’s design to bring the earth as we know it. Some are recycled but that happens in countries where legislation limits their disposal. For example, in China, river tributaries are clogged it’s not easy to reach the water.