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Over past 3 years, 13.486 Ha of Protected Forest had been Damaged
*  Regional Military Commander: Any military personnel who are involved in illegal logging activities will be released from the force

Protection Forest Leuser

BANDA ACEH - The destruction of Aceh’s protection forest had increased to alarming level. From the total of 1,8 million hectares of protection forest area, 13.486 hectares are reported encroached badly during 3 years (2006-2009).

The data gathered from the Aceh’s Forest Working Group Analysis 2010 that involved Aceh Green Secretariat, Department of Forestry of Aceh, BPKEL, Fauna & Flaura Internasional (FFI), and Leuser International Foundation (LIF).

The analysis result shown that the forest damaged spread in 18 districts. The worst damage is in district of Gayo Lues (4.398 ha), followed by Simeulue (1.978 ha), Aceh Tengah (1.773 ha) and Aceh Tamiang (1.294 ha).

FFI spokeperson, Dewa Gumai stated the destruction of protection forest caused by illegal logging activities. This result had also shown that officials for forest protection (which estimated around 1.900 personnel) have not functioning accordingly. “They (the forest’s officials) have no budget for operational costs. How can they work if there is no budget for operational cost” he said.

Besides, Dewa Gumai also annunciated the actors involved in Aceh’s forest destruction have conduct their activities for a long time, but he did not state who were these actors.

Despite the explanation above, the forest destruction contribute only 14,56% of total destruction on Aceh’s forest (92.601 ha). The interesting point is the worst damaged occur in 2009 while the period of rehabilitation and reconstruction had ended.

The forest damaged generally happen in the area for other utilization (APL). Therefore, the moratorium logging need to be expanded to this area, stated Dewa.

Firm commitment

On the separate occasion, the Regional Military Commander of Aceh Province (known as panglima KODAM Iskandar Muda) Adi Mulyono had stated his commitment to have zero tolerance on his staffs who are involved or backing up the illegal logging activities in Aceh.

“There will be no mercy to any Army members who involved specifically backing up the illegal logging activities, and they who are involved will be directly fired from the force” Adi Mulyono said.

He also refers the zero tolerance to his staffs who involve in immoral actions and drugs. “I ask to the communities who felt being unfairly treated, could report that actions by contact the call center” said the Commander. (yos/c43)

Sumber :, 12 April 2011