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The silent killer Pollution: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution causes the death of approximately 7 million people around the world annually. The figure was quoted in a recent report, which labels this kind of pollution.

Air pollution has been proven to affect the body. Air pollutants in the kind of little particles are inhaled into the lungs when a person breathes.This can cause a range of respiratory diseases. Scientists are also imagining these particles cause the inflammation of the heart which contributes to heart ailments that are chronic.

WHO classifies this sort of pollution indoor and outdoor air pollution. The death toll is credited to the groups. Indoor air pollution refers to the contamination brought on by food on wood or coal stoves. The practice is common among a large sector of the populace in Asian countries.

According to the agency, the majority of these deaths occur in developing countries. The report points out that in developing nations techniques of cooking are still practiced that exposes families to fumes. Children and women are the most affected since they spend the majority of their time. Besides this, the air quality has been made by lack of governance from the regulatory bodies in developing countries like India and Pakistan.

The new estimate of 7 million deaths is much higher than any previous estimate and the report indicates that this is because of increased research on the health effects of breathing polluted air. The WHO warns that if measures to control this dilemma aren’t taken then the death toll would rise in the years to come.

The WHO report highlights the importance of the role of authorities in addressing this situation. It suggests that governments can control air pollution levels in their countries with the support of legislations that govern the emissions of businesses and vehicles. In addition, it urges the movement of power stations away from urban settlements and the supply of alternatives that are inexpensive to families that use the stoves for cooking.

People also have been advised to make an attempt to prevent exposure. As an instance, it’s strongly recommended that people avoid rush hour traffic on major thoroughfares that are the source of vulnerability for vehicular emissions that were damaging.