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Humans are selfish and destroying mother earth – One looks the evidence is incontrovertible today, although the skeptics may say it is not occurring. There is A man killing the ground and bit it’s succumbing to his will. We are like ants in a mob trampling over everything in our path and rushing to fulfill our targets. A second, four babies are added to the people and towns are crowded to capacity, forests are being felled to make space, and species are dying out due to loss of habitats.

Because man has won the race over that issue, natural selection doesn’t enter into it. Anything is ruined or a portion of a program of eradication. But the human mind is controlled by another stronger force; the Spirit of the Universe.This is something that he can not see, touch, feel the taste, or hear, unless he’s tuned into it. But the eyesight of man is not up and own. Dogma deafens him and blinded by expectations of an eternal kingdom in the sky. He is aware or can not see that he’s a puppet in the design of God and that the power over him is the Almighty.

That plan is known since it was written down from the Old Testament, which few can decipher because it was supposed to be known at the end of the prophecies. We’ve arrived at the point and these will be the last days if one accepts it or not.The delicate nature of governments couldn’t be clearer than in the Brexit election which will see Britain leave the European Union. Russia will return to the power and there’s every chance of a war.

Elements are comprised by the crisis. That man can not control while those such as the Zika virus have not done their job, among them are viruses and disease which are killers. They will be infected as they remain in the shadow of the false God which sits on the hilltop within 34 since the Olympic Games brings a multitude of people. Other items will happen here that the world will repent.

We are told that in their bodies everyone will endure in the end. My reincarnation’s memory informs me that this has occurred with the spike in population.And the graves will give up their dead (Isaiah 26:19) and the only way that could happen is through reincarnation as bodies which have rotted in graves or which were burnt and spread to the end are unlikely to return.