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Kapolda Aceh Iskandar Hasan

"We are ready to work together to support Leuser forest conservation and to take action against Leuser forest destroyer, both individuals and companies."
Learn more...

Pangdam Iskandar Muda

"There will be no mercy to any Army members who involved specifically backing up the illegal logging activities, and they who are involved will be directly fired from the force"
Learn more...


Wali Nanggroe Mandate

"Save the forests of Aceh, because the forest is one of the ancestral heritage which we will pass on to our children and grandchildren later"
Learn more...

Muhammad Kasim Arifin

"Conservation is basically to preserve the environment that contains flora and fauna. But the essence to save people as well. Because of environmental destruction will impact on human misery." Learn more...

Sayed Mudhahar Ahmad

"When a man falls into a river and is in danger of drowning, do we drain the river or do we simply pull him out?" Struggling to maintain forest : Traditional Acehnese Wisdom conserve the Leuser Ecosystem. Learn more...

Emil Salim talked about Leuser

"If the Leuser Ecosystem continue looted, the aggrieved is the surrounding community. Because, in addition has a unique biodiversity and high value, Leuser also serves as a buffer of life Learn more...


HotLine: +62 - 651 - 8052200

Office Address
Sultan Iskandar Muda 32 St.
Banda Aceh, Indonesia 23231

Ofiice Hours
Mon-Fri: 08 am till 05 pm
Sat-Sun: closed

Email : admin@bpkel.acehprov.go.id


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